Update on 19 June 2015

Our Membership plan mostly build for Very Low Start-up Costs & Reduce Operation Costs.

To bring your business to other level from Offline Business to Online Business, targeting thailand over 1,000,000 online consumer.

we are moving on powerful e-mail marketing & online marketing strategy to bring up your company sell to new consumer range.

Build your store with 7zhop.com & We build your markets. 20% of works, get 80% market consumer. The Power of leverage Commerce platform.
And from now you have more flexiblity to manage your store & products.

7zhop.com is a E-Commerce Marketplace Store platform is to powers up your own E-Commerce Store & online marketing strategy.

Our mission is "Very Low Start-up Costs, Sell more products as you like".
Make it simple, Make it grow.

And We support marketplace community training to make you grow. And also we leverage the power of marketplace completely.

Finally, We 7zhop.com also support a few training classes for
1. how to easily build your online store classes.
2. how to easily reach out for ecommerce online consumer.
3. how to write a products content for faithful online consumer.
4. What online comsumer needs (Product reviews, Responsive seller).
5. how to use 7zhop social marketing (facebook) to reach out to maximum.
6. how to step up to more marketing classes.

Please choose a plan for meet your business needs,
Anything further infomation contact us at 02-319-4491 or info@7zhop.com